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Gregor Vivinci – Cernonian Innkeeper at the Flaming Tail (Topside) in Griffin's Roost, balding with beard.

Dran – Innkeepter at the Flaming Tail (Underdowns) in Griffin's Roost, dark skin with hawkish nose.

Serge Tergan – Ceronian Leader of the soldiers stationed at Griffin's Roost and de facto leader of Justina.  Older man with many scars and thick dark hair greying at the temples.

Feyodor Durst – Your contact in Argent (who you have not met yet)

Beoban N'Dazzi – Rumored leader of the thieve's guild in the Underdowns of Griffin's Roost.

Gustav Van Horten II – A wizard stationed in Griffin's Roost 200 years ago.  His lab was discovered in the underdowns guarded by stout magic and undead horrors.

Geodric Sieberg – Your contact in Kote (who you have not met).

Faine – Beautiful Elf (Ceronian?) working for Beoban N'Dazzi


NPC Page

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