New World, Old Gods

The Adventures of Yarrich Greenspan
Inauspicious Beginnings

  Sometimes the best intentions can go horribly wrong. . . I stowed away on a ship. I offered to earn my way but was denied. All I sought was Freedom. The Freedom to live, Freedom to choose. Every living creature deserves as much. With Freedom comes consequences. Due to my choices I find myself marooned in a strange and swampy land.

The air has a weight to it. . . almost as if it is alive. . . as if the mist are it's appendages and the insects it's eyes.


I must survive.

I planned to be a hero. To bring Freedom to those who deserved it, those too weak to take it for themselves. Though this is a inauspicious beginning it is a beginning nonetheless.

Welcome to the campaign!

Welcome to the game!

Please add your character to  the characters section (you should see the tab to your left), select 5e Sheet, all I need is Name, HP, Ability Scores, AC, Saves, & Skills (there may be some requisite information necessary to those calculations, give it a try).  You may leave the rest blank or fill out whatever you wish.  Everyone can see it, so don't include anything that other players would not know (I plan to eventually get the paid version of this site and then we will have a private section for that info). EDIT- I got the paid version, so you should be able to select character secrets and then select who can view them.  This will let your characters have secrets between eachother too!


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